How to make the most of your mobile device battery

Lithium-ion batteries offer a number of potential uses, including powering mobile devices, but they also have the potential to pose a problem for your wallet.The problem, according to researchers, is that batteries degrade over time, which can lead to the loss of your card, wallet, or keys.According to a new study from University of Pennsylvania […]

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‘Lipo Battery Power Source’ To Launch In Canada: Report

By Emily TannenbaumMedical News Today – February 22, 2018 – 02:30:24The Lipo Battery Service is now available for consumers in Canada.It provides an easy way to quickly and easily charge your smartphone’s battery.This service was developed by the Canadian Automobile Association (CARA) to help consumers better manage their personal battery.The service is offered through the […]

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How a battery can be used as a blade

Five hundred years ago, when metal was still made from bronze, the blade of a sword could be used to cut metal.Today, the most common blades have been replaced by the more powerful and versatile battery.When a battery is used to power a motorbike or other large vehicle, the energy from the battery is transferred […]

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18650 Battery Charger – Diehard Battery – 10,000 hours battery

By Emily Cramer, MTV News The 18650 rechargeable battery is a ubiquitous part of today’s electric cars and other high-powered vehicles.It’s also an integral part of many smart phones and smart homes, as well as some smart home systems.The batteries are typically charged via an inductive charging coil and can last up to about a […]

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Why Tesla won’t be buying Tesla’s battery business

Tesla Motors Inc. said it won’t buy battery company SolarCity Corp. after a recent acquisition.The acquisition is a major step in Tesla’s efforts to increase its battery business, which is already one of the biggest drivers of Tesla’s profit.The Palo Alto, Calif., electric-car maker also said it will buy solar-panel manufacturer SolarCity’s $5.2 billion purchase […]

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