Samsung’s lipo is the best battery out there, and it’s $30 more than the competition

Samsung’s battery is a staple in the smart phone market, but the company has long struggled to compete against batteries that cost as little as $30.

That’s changing, with the company announcing today that it’s now offering the company’s latest battery for just $30 less than the top-of-the-line lithium-ion batteries it has been selling for the past several years.

The new Lipo battery features an octa-core, 256-nm design with up to 40 percent more power density than the company previously offered.

It also features a “full-metal, polymer design” that offers “great battery life,” Samsung said in a press release.

While that might sound impressive to many of us who don’t like lithium-polymer batteries, we’re not entirely convinced.

For one thing, this new battery will likely be a more expensive option, as we found out in our review of the company´s latest battery.

Samsung’s Lipo Battery has a capacity of 500mAh, which is roughly half the capacity of the new LG G5.

It has a lifespan of four years, which compares favorably to the LG G6, which has a six-year battery life.

The company also offers two more battery options for the Lipo, which we’ll cover later in this review.

The first, the Lipol, is an eight-cell battery that is roughly twice as dense as the standard Lipo.

It packs a capacity that is up to 1,200mAh, about twice as much capacity as the LG Lipo (1,000mAh) and a slightly larger capacity than the LG Pro 3 (800mAh).

Samsung is also introducing a Lipo Plus, which offers a capacity up to 3,600mAh, and a lifespan that is even longer (five years), to go along with its more expensive price tag.

But it does not come with an option to upgrade to a Lipol Plus, meaning that you’ll have to shell out the extra $50 for a bigger battery.

You can also buy the Lipos Plus for $30 instead, which gives you a capacity, a lifetime, and an option for upgrading to a larger battery.

The battery that Samsung is offering is a 32-volt version of the same Lipo batteries that have been in use since 2011.

It is manufactured by LG Chem, and Samsung has not yet announced when it will release the new batteries.

Samsung says that the new Lipos will be available in December, with pricing and availability to be announced at a later date.

The Samsung Lipo is available in three color options, but we’re only going to cover the white one, which comes in three different versions.

The white version is available only in the United States, and the blue version is sold only in China, the company says.

It costs $30 on Amazon and will cost $35 in stores and $30 online.

Samsung has been offering the new battery in a few different colors, but it’s been the one that we’ve been most excited about.

The blue version comes in white, black, and grey, while the white and black versions come in silver, gold, and rose gold.

You’ll be able to pick one of these colors at Samsung´s online store or through the company website.

While Samsung does not have a specific release date for the new Lithium-Polymer batteries (the company says it´s aiming for a launch in January), we can tell you that the company is targeting a launch by the end of the year, with availability to begin in March.

We’ll be reviewing Samsung’s new battery at the end in a review, but for now, we can take a look at how the company stacks up against other brands.

Samsung Lipol Battery Specifications Size (mAh): 32V, 32W Capacity: 500mAh Length: 4.1″ (10.9cm) Diameter: 1.2″ (4.6cm) Weight: 3.5oz (79g) Voltage: 3V – 4.4V Charging current: 2A – 4A Voltage drop: 0.4 – 0.6V Weight: 1oz (34g) Power: 500W Battery life: 4 years LiPo Plus (32V): 32W – 1,000 mAh Lipol (32W): 32.5W – 800 mAh Size: 8.8mm (3.5in) Width: 1mm (0.7in) Thickness: 0mm ( 0.2mm ) Battery: 32V – 8V Lipol – 16V Lipo Color: Blue Black Gold Rose Gold Price: $30 for 32V battery, $30 – 8.5V Lipos – $30