Samsung CR2016 battery gets a boost

By Sam Machkovech – 08:40AMA major battery supplier has added lithium-ion to its lineup of batteries for the new Samsung CR16 battery, according to Reuters.

The CR16 is Samsung’s first ever battery to be powered by a lithium-air battery pack.

The battery is made by the Samsung Electronics unit of LG Chem.

It uses an anode that is an anodes-to-cathode conversion of a lithium ion to a cathode.

It has a rated capacity of 400mAh.

Samsung has been making batteries for its devices for about a year now, starting with the Galaxy S4 in the Galaxy Note line.

A battery in that capacity will be enough for a small car, and for the most part, a small SUV.

That battery has been used for some of the smaller cars of the industry.

The CR16 has a 6.7V output and will be priced at $979.

That’s about half the price of a battery from LG, which has a 2.5V output.

That will make the CR16 the highest-end battery Samsung has made to date.