A23 battery to be launched next month

RTE has announced the launch of the A23.

It’s a brand new battery, a replacement for the A22, which is now sold in the UK and France.

The A23 is the third new battery to hit the market this year.

The first, the A21, was announced last month.

The batteries are powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery.

It packs more energy per gram than the NiMH-based batteries in the A20 and A20 Plus, but is lighter, and it is rechargeable.

The battery is manufactured in Germany by German company Daimler AG.

The price of the battery is €39,000 for the 18-megapixel camera, €55,000 per camera, and €64,000 in terms of the batteries.

The camera is available for pre-order on RTE’s website and at the Daimlers website. It costs €49,000 on Amazon.com and €59,000 at B&R Video, the US retailer.

RTE said the A 23 will be available in July and be available on the A25 in November.

The company said the camera has an optical zoom of up to 400mm and is capable of recording 1080p HD videos at up to 30fps.

The new battery comes with a special lens, a unique front panel, and a special remote control that is connected to the camera’s battery, which the company says is an “extended range battery”.

RTE claims the camera is capable “of taking pictures of anything that moves and it’s very responsive”.

RTOE said the battery was tested on the camera at a rate of 1,500 shots per second, which RTOe says is “much faster than most other cameras out there”.

RTSO said it will be launched in early July in Germany, with availability in France and the UK.