I am going to kill you for telling me about your battery chargers

The most recent news is that Walmart is making a $4.99 battery charger that costs $12.95 and comes with a USB 3.0 port.

According to The Verge, the new $24.99 Lithium Ion battery charger, which uses an improved version of the lithium-ion battery cell, has been on the market for some time.

It uses the same kind of Lithium-ion cell as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which has a capacity of 5,800mAh.

It also has a smaller battery that has a more compact battery pack than the older version.

The battery charger is made of a special ceramic alloy, which gives it a more rugged look and a better grip, The Verge reported.

“The company said that the lithium ion battery charger has a better thermal and acoustic properties, as well as better power handling,” The Verge said.

Walmart has sold more than 400,000 batteries over the past few years.

It is the second time Walmart has announced a battery charger.

Earlier this month, Walmart announced that it was launching its own $3.99 lithium-polymer battery charger for its own electric vehicles.

Walmart said it will start shipping out its first batch of the battery charger later this year.