How to recharge your laptop battery in 20 minutes or less

The battery you’re looking at is a laptop battery.It’s a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery, which has been around since the mid-20th century.It consists of a small battery pack and a circuit board that allows for electrical connections between the battery and other components.The circuit board is made of copper and plastic, and has wires that […]

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Why we’re so interested in lithium ion battery chemistry

Lithium ion batteries have been gaining in popularity for a few years now and they have finally caught up to their older siblings, nickel-metal hydride batteries.That means we are increasingly using them for electric vehicles, electric bikes and all the things we can do with a battery.The battery is a big component in many smart […]

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How to Charge a Solar Battery from a Bank Card

A new kind of battery that can charge an iPhone or Android smartphone using a bank card is gaining traction in China.A startup called SolarBattery, based in Hong Kong, said it has developed a rechargeable battery that it says can charge a solar panel at home from a USB cable.The company’s patent application, filed on […]

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How to buy and use a Tesla battery and how to test it

A lot of people are worried about the Tesla Model S battery pack, but the battery has always held its own against other vehicles in the same price range.And for good reason.Its lithium-ion batteries are capable of handling the weight and power of an average SUV for miles, and the company says they’re safe for […]

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Tesla to ditch 2nd-generation Model 3 in 2019

Tesla is about to launch a third-generation version of the electric car, the company announced.The car, a first-generation model, will hit the market in 2019.The automaker says the second-generation vehicle, called the Model 3, will deliver “the performance, versatility, and features that consumers are demanding.”Tesla said the third-gen car will be available in 2021.The company […]

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