How to charge iPhone 6s without using a wall charger

Apple says it has a new way to charge iPhones without a wall adapter, and it may just be the new battery.

Apple announced the new charging method on Monday.

It’s not the battery charging method of its own that the company’s used for years, but rather a new approach that requires users to “disconnect” their iPhones from a wall plug when they’re not using it.

Apple is calling this new approach the “Charge to Home” charging method, which it calls the “iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 6.”

The company claims the iPhone 6 is the first device to support this charging method.

It’s not clear exactly how this charging technique works, but it seems to work by attaching a Lightning connector to the bottom of the iPhone’s case, which allows for a charge to be stored there.

Apple also suggests that charging takes about four minutes on a single charge, which is a good speed for the iPhone, which has an 8-megapixel camera and has a battery capacity of more than 10 hours.

The charging method is pretty straightforward: Apple says you can use the iPhone for up to four hours of battery-free time, and you’ll need to charge the phone at least once a day.

But you’ll also need to get the phone to 80 percent charged.

Apple says that this method is best suited for people who use their phones frequently and need a steady stream of power.

And it also claims the new method “allows for easy charging of up to 2,000mAh, or two hours of charge.”

Apple is offering the new “iPhone” battery charging charger for $99.99, or $199.99 if you opt for a “iPhone Plus” model, which includes a bigger, faster phone.

If you want to upgrade your phone to the larger “iPhone X” or “iPhone Pro” models, you’ll have to spend $300.99 for the full upgrade.