NFL players react to Vegas shooting

The NFL players’ union has reacted to the Las Vegas shooting.

The NFL Players Association released a statement Monday that included a call for calm and “open dialogue” as a way to address the ongoing tragedy.

The union, which represents NFL players and coaches, released a video in which players are heard discussing the recent violence in Las Vegas.

The union also released a call to action for NFL owners and executives to work together to address what they’ve said is a crisis of mental health for many of their players.

The video also included comments from NFL players like Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, who said the NFL’s leadership should “get it together.”

The statement also included a video of the players’ CEO addressing the violence in the city of Las Vegas, saying, “We are in the midst of a crisis in the country.

This is a national tragedy.

It is a tragedy that we cannot get out of.

We cannot get it out of our minds.”NFL players have been expressing their concerns on social media since the shooting began.

In the video released Monday, Edelman spoke about the need for “open communication” as the NFL continues to work to address mental health issues.

He also said the league needs to make sure players understand how they’re going to be handled by the league if they want to continue playing.

“If you feel that you need to talk about something, talk about it.

We can’t all be in the same room, or we can’t discuss it on the same terms,” Edelman said in the video.