How to make a ‘sex toy’ gun for men

When a man wants to play with a sex toy, he’s going to need a battery nail. 

But can a battery nails actually be made to function like a real gun? 

That’s the question at the heart of a new toy made by an Australian inventor that’s being tested for use in the U.S. The device has a plastic “gun” base, but it can shoot out darts, pellets and other projectiles, according to the makers. 

It’s a battery gun, not a real weapon The battery nails are made by Noodler’s, which makes other products like nail guns, gun grips and other devices.

The company’s website says the batteries are “designed to last a lifetime” and can be used to power devices from household to work, including phones, cameras and even drones. 

“The Noodlers battery nails will also work well in everyday life,” the company states. 

Noodlers founder and CEO Peter Bowers said in a statement that the batteries’ “unique” design was “designed specifically for making the battery nail bullet-proof.” 

Bowers said the company had received a number of questions from potential customers, including, “Do you want to make it a real firearm?”

“We’ve received a great response from our first customers who are keen to try the battery nails,” Bowers added. 

He added that the device was available for pre-order, and that Noodles batteries were “sold in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.” 

The company is also working on a second battery nail, called the Power Noodls, which would have the same basic design. 

The Power Noodle was created in response to a call for help from a group of men in Australia. 

In a video about the campaign, one man said he wanted to have a gun that could shoot darts from the inside. 

Bower says that the Noodlines battery nails, which will sell for $20, will be available for purchase in early 2019. 

This is a developing story.