How much do you pay for a Tesla battery replacement?

A lot, in fact.

And it can cost as much as $3,000.

That’s according to the Consumer Reports organization, which surveyed 2,000 Americans.

According to Consumer Reports, “many consumers are unaware of the financial cost of replacing a battery, or the cost of battery replacement for Tesla vehicles.

According in the report, a battery replacement can cost $1,000 or more.”

According to the survey, “the cost of a Tesla Battery Replacement is typically about $1 per kilowatt hour of electricity.”

And that doesn’t include the cost to install the battery itself, which is much more expensive.

According the report: “In addition to the $1.25 per kilogram cost for the Tesla battery itself for the original owner, the $4.75 per kilo cost for replacement batteries, and the $5.25/kWh for the new battery, there is also the additional $1 cost for a new alternator, which can add $4 per kWh to the cost for replacing the alternator.”

Consumer Reports also said that the cost is also more than the battery cost itself, so it could potentially be as much $3k.

Consumer Reports said the cost could increase with a battery replaced with another type of lithium ion battery.

That would be a cheaper alternative to Tesla batteries because it’s more energy dense, but the cost also goes up as the battery wears out.

And battery replacement also takes up storage space, and Consumer Reports estimates that the amount of storage space a battery will take up is limited by the size of the battery and the amount that’s used.

But there’s a catch.

Consumer reports said that it doesn’t take into account the extra costs associated with battery replacement, which could mean that it could cost you as much or more than $3K if you have a Tesla Model S, S60, or X. So even if you’ve been on the hook for a battery for a while, you’re still going to have to spend at least $1K to replace your battery.

Consumer advocates are concerned about these sorts of high costs because battery replacements could be more expensive than new cars, which are designed to be used in a shorter period of time.

Consumer advocate for car makers Tesla said it does not comment on individual vehicles or battery manufacturers, and that it is not considering charging customers for its batteries.

Tesla said that they have “zero tolerance for battery costs and will work hard to ensure that we do not impact our long-term financial viability.”