$200 car batteries are a cheaper alternative to expensive ones

Cheap batteries, a key component of cars, are becoming an increasingly common choice in the US as carmakers seek to cut costs and increase the range of their vehicles.

The new batteries, which cost about half as much as traditional ones, are used for everything from high-speed cruise control and emergency braking systems to a range of personal computing and energy storage devices.

But in the past few years, carmakers have increasingly used cheaper batteries in cars like the Chevrolet Bolt, which was introduced in 2017, and the Nissan Leaf, which is in development.

And they’re being used in a variety of ways, including in electric vehicles, which could allow cars to run for longer periods of time.

This year, for example, Nissan announced that it will be selling a range-extender battery for its Leaf, a small, plug-in hybrid that can travel more than 10 miles on a single charge.

In the meantime, the Chevy Bolt has been selling more quickly than its more expensive rival, with the car launching in 2018, while the Nissan LEAF has been on sale for years, and is expected to be available this year.

The Chevy Bolt battery was launched in 2017. 

The Nissan Leaf battery is expected in 2018. 

Tesla’s electric Model S is also expected to hit the market soon, and will cost more than the Chevy, which makes up a large chunk of the automaker’s revenue.

While battery prices are dropping, automakers still tend to rely on batteries to power their vehicles, especially if they’re new, says Jeremy Foust, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

The Nissan Leaf batteries, for instance, are still very expensive for a vehicle that doesn’t require frequent refueling, but they’re becoming cheaper in the next few years.

Foust says the battery industry is “nearing a tipping point,” and automakers are increasingly looking for cheaper options to replace costly battery packs.

“We’re at the beginning of the transition,” he says.

And the price difference between the Chevy and the Leaf batteries is less than a third of what it is now.

The cheapest battery in a 2018 Nissan Leaf is rated for only 1,500 miles.

The Nissan LEA battery is rated at 1,700 miles.

But in a few months, the company is expected get rid of the battery in the Bolt.

The company has said that the battery will be replaced by something else, possibly a hydrogen fuel cell.