RTE TV shows off its new ‘Batteries Everywhere’ series

RTE has unveiled its new series, Batteries Unleashed, which features four TV shows from the company’s new TV channel.

Batterys Unleashed begins with the premiere of The Batterys Hour on RTE1, the channel which airs the RTE Radio Show.

It will then air a number of other programmes including The Bully, The Battering Sisters, The Ballads of Derry and The Ballad of John, the former of which features a panel of panelists discussing the lives of Irish bobsledders.

The programme is produced by John Bally, who is best known for his role as Bob in the hit comedy series The Bogan Brothers.

Bally is the author of more than 40 books, including the best-selling The Buggles, and the award-winning Children of the Night.

Battles of Dury also airs on RTF1 and is a feature documentary on the life of Irish footballers, featuring footage from their games.

In a statement, RTE said the series would be shown in a “balanced and balanced” way, and it was aiming to “show a different side of the sport”.

“This will be RTE’s first series to cover the bobslingding world as a whole, which will give the audience a different perspective on the sport than the BBC has previously done,” it said.

“We have been trying to show more of the athletes, their families and their lives on TV for the past five years, and we are delighted to be able to deliver the first of these new series to our viewers.”

This is the first time we have seen a series that reflects the diversity of the bobby sport, with people of all genders, races and ethnicities participating in the sport, so we’re excited about how this series will reflect on this and the sport in general.”RTE has previously aired The Baggies Hour and The Banners of Dublin, both of which are about the life and legacy of Irish skiers, but have been criticised by some fans for their portrayal of bobsleaders as “niggers”.

The Baggys Hour, which is hosted by presenter Ian Smith, will be shown on RTe1 from Monday, May 8.

It is the second episode of the series and will be followed by The Ballades of Dorry and The Bullying of Dory, both airing on RT1 from Sunday, May 10.

The Biggies Hour, however, will not be broadcast until Monday, June 4, with the second series airing on Tuesday, June 5.