Tesla announces deep cycle battery replacement for Tesla Model S and Model X, Watch

Tesla has announced a deep cycle rechargeable battery replacement program for its Model S, Model X and Model 3 electric cars.

The announcement is notable because Tesla has not previously offered a replacement for lithium ion batteries, the most common type of battery used in electric vehicles, the company said in a statement.

Instead, Tesla said its new program will allow customers to “recharge” their batteries by using Tesla’s latest rechargeable lithium ion battery technology called the TESLA BERKELET.

“Tesla’s goal with the program is to make Tesla’s battery technology the best available, including a rechargeable option,” the company added.

“The new TESLAS BERKETTE system offers a revolutionary and safe way to recharge Tesla’s lithium ion cells for an extended period of time, while keeping the batteries in the car and ready to use for longer.”

The TESLEX BERKERETTE will offer a battery capacity of up to 7,200 miles, which is the equivalent of about 12 hours of driving.

The system will cost $1,499 for the two-year program.

Tesla said it plans to launch its first TESLCONTROL system at the end of September, offering a rechargeability of up the 7,600-mile range of its TESELAN system, as well as up to 30 hours of charging.

Tesla did not disclose the battery types being offered.

The TESLRIMIT program, which also includes Tesla’s upcoming self-driving electric vehicles and its future fleet of vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, will cost customers $3,499.